The ‘angels’ of Revelation revealed!

Though my new work is entitled Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah and reveals an entirely new understanding of Shakespeare, it also shows the real meaning of Paul and the Book of Revelation. As I show in the book, Shakespeare is completely based upon the Flavian typology and cannot be understood without first understanding all of the New Testament.

One of the fun aspects of Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah is that it shows the comedy that exists within Revelation, the mysterious work that has baffled Christians and scholars for millennium.  In fact, Revelation is Flavian vanity at its highest level and is therefore cryptic but readers of my analysis will understand that its symbolism is really quite obvious and should have been decoded centuries earlier.

Perhaps the most obvious symbolic concept is the fact that the ‘angels’ of Revelation Chapter 8 are the defied Caesars. This enables Revelation to be understood as having been produced by Domitian’s imperial cult.

The following is an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah: Continue reading

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Sometimes We Need a Little Levity

A 2008 David Sipress cartoon that appeared in the New Yorker: Continue reading

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FINALLY – the long-awaited new book by Joseph Atwill!

We certainly appreciate all of your patience, waiting for Joe Atwill’s follow-up book. It’s been a long journey, but in the meantime, Dr. Jerry Russell came on board the Caesar’s Messiah team. You may remember that  Continue reading

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How I came to work on “Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah” by Jerry Russell

To some critics, Joe Atwill seems an unlikely person to be writing about the New Testament and Shakespeare, considering Continue reading

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Jerry Russell’s Rebuttal to Richard Carrier

Reply to Richard Carrier, November 23, 2013
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By Jerry RussellSee all my reviews
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This review is from: Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus: Flavian Signature Edition (Paperback)

I am posting this five-star review in support of Joe Atwill and in opposition to the many vicious and personal attacks that have been posted on the Internet against him. Atwill’s most severe critics are atheists, humanists and freethinkers from the Christ Mythicist camp, such as Robert Price, Richard Carrier, and Tom Verenna, who (one might imagine) would be his natural allies. However: Continue reading

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Richard Carrier: The PhD That Drowned at Gadara

By Joseph Atwill

Richard Carrier has written a recent critique of Caesar’s Messiah that can be viewed at his website The article is a slanderous tantrum consisting of little more than child-like insults, analytic blunders and outright inaccuracies.

The story began several years ago when I contacted Carrier (PhD) because he was publically criticizing Caesar’s Messiah in an incoherent manner that clearly indicated he had not read the book. I wrote:

“Dear Mr. Carrier: Continue reading

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Very pleased to announce our U.K. Premiere Screening

We are very excited to announce the U.K. Premiere Screening of our Caesar’s Messiah documentary on Continue reading

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My upcoming work “The Single Strand”

My upcoming work The Single Strand explains the mysterious NT character ‘Paul’. The first mystery concerning Paul is Continue reading

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Rebuttal to an Amazon CM book review

A negative review of the Caesar’s Messiah book has appeared on Amazon that has an interesting logical fallacy that I wanted to point out. The reviewer wrote: Continue reading
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How Christianity Was Used to Enslave Europe

When I speak with Christians, many describe the spiritual growth their relationship with Jesus has given them. I know they are sincere but I always wonder how they would feel about Jesus if they were forced to take an Oath of Fealty to his earthly representative. Continue reading

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