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Explanatory Power part 2 – The Trinity

One example of the explanatory power of the Caesar’s Messiah thesis is the Trinity – the mysterious “triple godhead” of Christianity. Where did this bizarre and non-Judaic concept come from, and how did it come to play such a large … Continue Reading

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The Explanatory Power of Caesar’s Messiah

The real strength of a theory is its explanatory power; how many mysteries it resolves. The Gospels have been one of humankind’s greatest puzzles with even the most basic questions about them never having been answered. Who wrote them? Why … Continue Reading

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The obvious intro to the Jesus/Titus typology

There is a question I have never been able to answer and I am wondering if anyone can. The typology that begins the Gospels is widely understood by NT (New Testament) scholars: [chart] Given the understanding, why did no scholar ever attempt to determine if the very next story in Matthew was also written using the same genre of the preceding passages? Continue Reading

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